our work

2d: concept drawings, paintings, pixels

  • Characters and backgrounds from Notorious Inc
  • Gameplay shot of Tooth & Tail
  • Steam trading cards for Monaco What's Yours Is Mine
  • Character designs from Powderkeg, by Artillery Games
  • speed painting
  • post-apocalyptic matte painting
  • Mockup for Hamester Clock Super Show
  • Building images for Green the Building
  • Illustrations from Introduction to Algorithms & Data Structures: A Beginner's Guide to Computer Science topics
  • -->

3d: models, textures, rigs

  • Little red riding hood 3d model
  • A collection of images from Beartopia, a VR village game]
  • Background from Quickshooter, a 3d mobile game
  • Mickey mouse and rigged characters from a cancelled mobile title
  • first and third person 3d models from Red Baron
  • Character outfits from Liddles, a social game
  • Soldier and weapon from the first person shooter, Kill Them All
  • Visual development consulting work for Love is Dead, a heart-warming puzzle game

graphic design: UI, branding, print

  • Pocketwatch Games logo
  • The Tooth & Tail logo and it's many uses
  • Various screens from Notorious Inc
  • Poster/

what we can do for you

One of the reasons Chickadee is an effective art team is because we have a wide breadth of complementory skills and experience. Adam has over a decade of experience in every conceievable art position for studios of all sizes; from grunt production artwork for Disney Interactive, to art direction and problem solving for Pocketwatch Games. If it’s an art role in the industry, he’s performed it on a shipped title. Sarah, on the other hand, has spent her career outside of games as a graphic designer, illustrator, and crafter. Her visual problem solving skills don’t rely on the visual tropes or crutches that you often find in the game industry.

Simply put, Sarah bring a fresh visual perspective to game development, and Adam knows how to design a pipeline around it and get it in game. Oh, and everyone here is a traditionally trained artist. Visual design and concept drawing, painting, modeling, 2d and 3d animation, technical art, UX, graphic design; we can do it all. Whatever your needs are and whatever your game is, we’d love to hear from you.

In more specific terms, here are the services we provide.

Visual Design and Pre-Production

Visual Design and Pre-Production

We’ll work with you to come up with a unique, stunning visual direction that you and your team are nuts about, and design fast, cost-effective production pipelines for it.

Asset Production

Asset Production

We can handle literally every step of production for both 2d and 3d games, and comfortably work in whatever style you need.

Graphic Design / UI / UX

Graphic Design / UI / UX

From company or game branding, to printed materials like business cards and booth materials, to the UI/UX for your game’s menus and hud, we can help.

Art Consulting and Problem Solving

Consulting and Problem Solving

We can offer advice, suggestions, and solutions for problems big and small, based on over a decade of professional creative experience and formal art training.

our experience

At least one of us has worked on these shipped or soon-to-be-shipped titles.

  • Tooth and Tail | Pocketwatch Games

    art direction, all pixel artwork, UI, effects, branding

  • Beartopia | Spry Fox

    assisted visual development, all art production

  • Frozen Synapse 2 | Mode 7 Games

    weapon modeling

  • Monaco | Pocketwatch Games

    consulting, environment artwork, UI

  • Notorious Inc | Chickadee Games

    all visual development and production.

  • Hamster Clock Super Show | Chickadee Games

    all visual development and production.

  • Contraption Maker | Spotkin

    2d and 3d animation

  • Draconus Rex | Innovative Leisure

    environmental artwork

  • Green the Building | Digital Mill/Persuasive Games

    building and background artwork

  • City Girl | Playdom / Disney Interactive

    assisted pre-pro, character animation

  • Quick Shooter | Spotkin

    character and environment production

  • Powderkeg | Artillery Games

    all visual development and production

  • Pathogen:HIV | MGT/University of WA

    pathogen assets and animation

  • A Quick Solitaire | Night Heron Games

    card and background artwork

  • Villagers & Heroes | Mad Otter Games

    concept artwork, characters, environments, effects

  • Social City | Playdom

    buildings and props modeling

  • Zombie Wrangler | Frozen Codebase

    concept drawing and painting

  • Ace of Aces | Mad Otter

    biplane artwork, environmental artwork, effects

  • Elements of Destruction | Frozen Codebase

    environmental artwork and effects

  • Fallen Empire: Legions | GarageGames

    particle effects and explosions

  • Rokkitball | Garagegames

    character modeling

  • Venture Arctic | Pocketwatch Games

    environment artwork and effects

  • Rack 'Em Up Road Trip | GarageGames

    player avatars, menu artwork, intern wrangler

  • Marble Blast Ultra | GarageGames

    marble textures, power-up assets, level design

  • Venture Africa | Pocketwatch Games

    environmental artwork and effects

our rates

The vast majority of our clients are small or indie studios, so we understand the financial difficulty involved in making a game without the budget of a major publisher. Because of this, we prefer to work with our clients to find a payment plan that works best for their specific project and set of financial circumstances, rather than have a blanket hourly rate we apply to everything. We pride ourselves on being up-front, honest, and fair in this regard, so don't be bashful about the conversation. After you send us some info about your project and what you need done, we'll have what we need to factor everything together and send you an estimate.

get in touch

We’re always genuinely pumped to talk about new opportunities, so don’t hesitate to reach out. The initial consultation is, of course, free of charge.

Unfortunately, we have no employment or internship opportunities at this time.





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