Featured Work

  • Pocketwatch Games logo
  • early environment exploration from an unannounced project
  • Tooth & Tail gameplay shot
  • A collection of images from Beartopia, a VR village game
  • first and third person 3d models from Red Baron
  • Key art development process for Monaco
  • city art from unannounced title
  • Visual design consulting for Love is Dead

Hi, I'm Adam deGrandis

Chickadee is my visual design and art production banner. Thanks, sincerely, for visiting.

I take a holistic view of visual development and art production. A properly considered art style doesn’t just make screenshots look good, it ensures the game’s visuals are speaking in the same language as its systems and mechanics. As such, I find it thrilling to listen to what the design of your game is trying to say, and find the right combination of color, shapes, and everything else that results in an art style that’s as communicative as it is visually exciting. I’m also an art educator, so I’ll explain what needs to be done at every step in a way that’s easy to understand, even if you have no art background to speak of. And because that vast majority of my career has been spent working with indie developers, I have a bunch of experience solving problems with clever solutions instead of a lot of money.


I’m capable of performing every art role found in 2d and 3d games and I’ve worked on around 70 projects over the last 15 years; here’s what shipped (or is close to shipping).

  • Steambirds Alliance | Spry Fox

    visual development, technical art, art production

  • Crush the Castle: Siege Master | Armor Games Studio

    Visual development, character production

  • Tooth and Tail | Pocketwatch Games

    art direction, all pixel artwork, UI, effects, branding

  • Jet Lancer | Armor Games Studio

    art production assistance

  • Beartopia | Spry Fox

    assisted visual development, all art production

  • Frozen Synapse 2 | Mode 7 Games

    weapon modeling

  • Monaco | Pocketwatch Games

    consulting, environment artwork, UI

  • Notorious Inc | Chickadee Games

    all visual development and production.

  • Hamster Clock Super Show | Chickadee Games

    all visual development and production.

  • Contraption Maker | Spotkin

    2d and 3d animation

  • Draconus Rex | Innovative Leisure

    environmental artwork

  • Green the Building | Digital Mill/Persuasive Games

    building and background artwork

  • City Girl | Playdom / Disney Interactive

    assisted pre-pro, character animation

  • Quick Shooter | Spotkin

    character and environment production

  • Powderkeg | Artillery Games

    all visual development and production

  • Pathogen:HIV | MGT/University of WA

    pathogen assets and animation

  • A Quick Solitaire | Night Heron Games

    card and background artwork

  • Villagers & Heroes | Mad Otter Games

    concept artwork, characters, environments, effects

  • Social City | Playdom

    buildings and props modeling

  • Zombie Wrangler | Frozen Codebase

    concept drawing and painting

  • Ace of Aces | Mad Otter

    biplane artwork, environmental artwork, effects

  • Elements of Destruction | Frozen Codebase

    environmental artwork and effects

  • Fallen Empire: Legions | GarageGames

    particle effects and explosions

  • Rokkitball | Garagegames

    character modeling

  • Venture Arctic | Pocketwatch Games

    environment artwork and effects

  • Rack 'Em Up Road Trip | GarageGames

    player avatars, menu artwork, intern wrangler

  • Marble Blast Ultra | GarageGames

    marble textures, power-up assets, level design

  • Venture Africa | Pocketwatch Games

    environmental artwork and effects


I prefer to work with our clients to find a payment plan that works best for their specific project and set of financial circumstances, rather than have a blanket hourly rate I apply to everything. I pride myself on being up-front, honest, and fair in this regard, so don't be bashful about the conversation. After you send me some info about your project and what you need done, I'll have what we need to factor everything together and send you an estimate.


We’re always genuinely pumped to talk about new opportunities, so don’t hesitate to reach out. The initial consultation is, of course, free of charge.