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Case Study: Armor Games Studios

various titles

Armor Games Studios is a full service indie publisher that also produces their own titles in-house. I’ve worked with them on a number of different things.

Crush the Castle: Siege Master is a mobile 3d refresh of a classic 2d franchise. Helping out during pre-production, I helped define an art style that leaned away from “real life castle” and instead felt more like chunky blocks. The intention was to heighten the joy-of-playing-with-toys nature of the gameplay while also creating something that’d be ultra readable on small mobile screens. I provided mockups, initial assets, and an art bible, which was then handed off to the development team in Ukraine. They took those ideas and ran with them, developing them into a version that looked even better than I would have made myself.  

I’ve also assisted them with the visual odds and ends of game publishing. I’ve helped them punch up titles, created trailers, created key art, provided extra production muscle, and been a feedback-giving consultant as well.

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