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Chickadee makes fun, stylish artwork for video games.

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Hi, I'm Adam deGrandis

Chickadee is a visual design and art production studio that caters to the indie games community, and I’m its founder and art director. I’m an enthusiastic collaborator who can perform every art role found in games. This means that for small projects, I can be a one-person art team. For projects that are large in scope or need to get done quickly, I can help staff up and manage the art team.

If you’re unsure if I have the skills you need but you know you need some variety of artist, don’t hesitate to get in touch; I can talk through your situation and help you identify what you should be looking for. And even if it turns out that I need to recommend someone else who might be a better fit or have more immediate availability, I’m always happy to answer your questions and be a guide.


I prefer to work with my clients to find a payment plan that works best for their specific project and set of financial circumstances, rather than have a blanket hourly rate I apply to everything. I pride myself on being up-front, honest, and fair in this regard, so don't be bashful about the conversation. After you send me some info about your project and what you need done, I'll have what we need to factor everything together and send you an estimate.

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